Our Services


Successful Auction Events can be held virtually anywhere: at one of our regional auction facilities, in the parking lot of the office that is closing, in a rented warehouse – it all depends on the specific circumstances. Choosing the site is a careful balance between: timing, cost-effectiveness, type of assets and other contributing factors.

While a well-executed auction event is obviously of great importance; the marketing and advertising of a sale is the other half of the equation. Although traditional auction advertising mediums are effective for generating interest and activity, their reach only goes so far. To bolster attendance, our auction event communication abilities combine multi-part advertising and media blitz styles – including: Custom Websites, Auction Information Sites, Social Media and more – that always yield a very large turnout for auction day. The combinations are chosen specifically for each situation; please ask about what would best benefit your needs.

Utilizing the Latest Technology: We offer fully digital: check-in, clerking, post-auction settlement reporting and cash-out. Three to five laptops are always on-site and in use. Our auction software and each auctions inventory are accessed via a cloud-based / password-protected system; in an emergency virtually any desktop, laptop or tablet could be used to complete the days work, zero set-up required. Clerking is fully wireless – literally the second the ‘gavel hits the podium’ the winning bid is recorded and ready for payment and check-out. Credit-card machines are wireless with battery-back up systems.

Live Bidding VS On-Line Bidding: Although a live auction event has long been considered the answer to bringing in the highest returns, the only format that is better is a combination of both live and internet bidding side-by-side. For the past four years we have had great success with combination sales as the larger pool of buyers appears to dramatically increase the amount of revenue at the end of the sale.

What Sets Us Apart: We are the only auctioneering firm in the United States that guarantees our auction events. What does that mean? As an example: If Bob the Builder comes to an auction and bids $5500 for a cargo van and then disappears without checking out or his payment is returned for Insufficient Funds, our firm purchases the asset at the bid price and removes it, problem solved. This policy covers every item in the auction and every bidder whether attending live or via the internet, period.