Whether you are interested in a higher return-on-investment or money in your pocket quickly, we have a service for you. Each client has a different goal in mind when they contact us. Some are out of space in the warehouse, some need quick capital for a new project and sometimes a partnership is being divided into two new companies or shut down completely. Whatever the goal, we’ve got you covered.

For equipment and vehicles we offer the following:

Direct Purchase – A wholesale offer to purchase your assets and remove them immediately. In some cases monies can be wired in to your company bank account in a little as 72 hours during the business week.

Auction – We will auction your assets in any one of a number of venues including: A tool and equipment auction at your location or combined with like-items at a regional auction house, an on-line auction with your assets listed beside similar items to draw more bidders, a dealer only truck and commercial vehicle auction OR a combination of any of these as each offers different benefits (see the AUCTION section of this site).

Remarketing – Retail Consignment of equipment and vehicles utilizing a number of physical and on-line locations for showcasing product and enhanced by our equipment and vehicle financing abilities. We have access to 32 different lenders (most work in all 50 states) specializing in leasing and financing of pre-owned business equipment. Best of all they understand the actual dollar value of commercial assets and lend accordingly.

These various options are available if you have One Truck or One Hundred – just ask.

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For decades our firm has liquidated the surplus assets of government agencies from small, local municipalities to state run Departments of Transportation and beyond.

A trend as of late is to turn all asset disposal services over to these internet-only auction sites based on their appearance of simplicity and worldwide reach. With 60 years of asset auction/liquidation experience under our belts – we have a somewhat different take on this on this situation. Due to the competitive nature of the bidding public as well as a number of other contributing factors, a live auction has been considered the method-of-choice for bringing in the highest financial returns in the shortest period of time for surplus assets as long as business records have been kept. It’s difficult to express the incredible value a buyer perceives from seeing and touching the tools, equipment and trucks they are bidding on live-in-person. In fact, we regularly receive strong opinions from longtime members of the buying public stating that they simply refuse to participate in on-line only sales out of a fear of the unknown.

This is why we offer the benefits of combination events consisting of both a live auction and an on-line auction held simultaneously. Bidders receive the advantage of lists, descriptions, photos and more – all easily accessible via the internet, plus the ability to personally inspect the items as well. Additionally, they have the choice to participate in-person or on-line on the day of the event. Local buyers are pleased, distant buyers are pleased – more bidders means higher returns. It depends on the size of the event, however, in most cases there is no additional cost to add this service.

Most important, we are the only company in the United States that guarantees their auction/liquidation events. What does that mean? As an example: If Bob the Builder comes to an auction and bids $5500 for a cargo van and then disappears without checking out or his payment is returned for Insufficient Funds, our firm purchases the asset at the bid price and removes it immediately, problem solved. This policy covers every item in the auction and every bidder whether attending live or via the internet, period.

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We offer multi-part solutions with respect to liquidating Real Estate. This is an all-inclusive service as we are able to auction/liquidate all of the machinery, equipment, racking….any of the items inside the now shuttered building. We recycle scrap metal, donate furniture, clean and clear refuse.

We are able work with or without the assistance of a realtor – offering a number of different sale alternatives. Many of the choices are far less expensive for completing the sale than the cost of traditional Real Estate fees. Another important feature of this style of liquidation is the ability to close very quickly when necessary. The biggest benefit of all is the advertising blitz virtually assures that the public will be aware that the real estate is available to purchase.

Our Real Estate auction services are not simply confined to the Commercial and Industrial world. We service the owners of apartment buildings, investment properties, agricultural properties, vacant land and more.

Contact us with your particular situation – we can help.

Real Estate Auction


Business needs change. The equipment that was an essential part of your business five or ten years ago may have little to do with how you work these days.

Trucks, machinery, tools – eventually wear out and must be put out-of-service; they can’t be left in the corner to gather dust.

Under-performing offices and facilities must be closed down so you can support those that are doing well, before you start hemorrhaging dollars.

After all, even assets sitting dormant can have monthly and/or yearly expenses attached to them. Registration, insurance and maintenance on vehicles, rent, utilities and property taxes on unused buildings – it all adds up and negatively impacts your bottom line.

It’s often joked that we are the undertakers of the business world. That’s right, we handle the dirty work. Whether we are purchasing five old delivery trucks from a company that no longer delivers or we are auctioning off an entire plumbing & heating business to settle an estate, the work must be completed quickly, efficiently and professionally.

The type a business has little bearing on what services we can perform, only how we will perform them. We have liquidated: Automobile Dealerships, Restaurants, Oil Well Servicing Companies, Tombstone Factories (really), Jewelry Factories, Plumbing & Heating Businesses, a ‘For-Profit College’ (that wasn’t making a profit), Race Tracks and we’ve even closed an antiquated Cheerios Factory to make room for the new modern facility.

Looking for solutions? Call us to discuss your options.



FFE Renovations are a time of great stress for hospitality management. There are a litany of jobs to be accomplished and the timing of everything must be near perfect. EVERY facet of the project is important, most especially the liquidation portion as it comes before any other task can begin.

For some time now liquidation services geared to the hospitality industry have been less on the professional side of business and more akin to the activities of pirates. Most often, a rookie ‘manager’ with a couple rented trucks shows up with some guys he found on CraigsList. They may have insurance – or at least they think they can get you the documents sometime soon, and as the project unfolds it becomes glaringly obvious that they’ve never done this type of work before. As the weeks drag on it becomes apparent that this ‘company’ may not last until the end of the renovation; in fact, they may not last until the end of the day.

The good news is that a few organized, professional, insured liquidation companies actually exist. They sign contracts and show up on time; they have proper equipment and are ready to work, however these days they do not perform services for free in exchange for furniture. They tend to be particular about the projects they become involved with as jobs that ‘go bad’ can have heavy financial consequences. Our commercial liquidation division is one of those companies described here. Contact us with your needs and schedules and we will outline the easier way to handle this portion of your hotel or resort renovation.

It is important to remember that when it comes to levels of quality, liquidation services are like anything else in life – you get what you pay for.

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