Certified Appraisals of Commercial Trucks, Tools & Equipment

Why Get An Appraisal?

  • Finance Documentation
  • Loan Underwriting
  • State DMV or Tax Documentation
  • Settling an Estate
  • Choosing a Sale or Purchase Price
  • Auction Outcome Expectations
  • Selling a Business *

*Yes, we regularly work hand-in-hand with CPA Firms and Forensic Accountants for the purpose of valuing a running business.

About Our Appraisal Services:

 We are IACP Certified Appraisers specializing in commercial assets such as:  Cargo Vans, Utility Body Pick-Ups, Bucket Trucks, Forklifts, Backhoes, Loaders, Semi Trailers, Drilling Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Specialty Tools and more….

Our Auction / Liquidation Services business has exclusively focused on Commercial and Industrial Business Assets since its inception in 1955.  Over the many decades of work in this   specialized field we have managed to stock-pile and gain-access-to regularly-updated:  Auction, Liquidation and Resale results from across North America.  This plethora of comparable research has greatly enhanced the accuracy of our appraisal divisions’ valuation reports, even those of the most obscure truck, tool or piece of equipment.

Expert Witness Court Appearances are available on a case-by-case basis.  Our appraisers have been utilized in both live open court and through video testimony.  Clients and/or their legal representation should address specific questions about this genre of service to our lead appraiser.

Appraisals / Valuation Reports available in Digital Format, Hard-Copy Printed Format or Both. Reports cover a single asset or large groupings of assets.

Single Asset Appraisals / Valuations are priced from as little as $285 and up based upon the level of service necessary to fully complete the work.

Bureau of Certified Automobile Appraisers
NPACO as recognized by the US Department of the Treasury

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