Selling with Us

A small plumbing company or a nuclear power plant.  One truck or one-hundred.  We handle every part of the process.

Do you have out-of-service equipment or vehicles?  Changing your business focus?  Closing a location?  Retiring or splitting up a partnership?  Need funds for a new project?

We offer immediate solutions, custom tailored to your specific situation.

You have questions – we’re here to help!

  • The landlord wants us out – how soon can this happen?
  • What if we still owe money on a vehicle or piece of equipment?
  • Can you assist in negotiating with vendors, banks and/or landlords?
  • We have assets in multiple locations – is that an issue?

For 68 years we’ve sold the assets of: Builders, Delivery Companies, Plumbing and Electrical Firms, Municipalities and State Agencies, Oil Exploration and Pipeline Companies, Cable Companies, Manufacturers, Restaurants & Hotels, Television & Film Production Companies, Automobile Dealerships – businesses and industries of all types.


Old School Practices and Modern Technology

These days Auctions and Liquidation Events can be performed in a number of ways.  There is Online Bidding, Live Bidding (Old-School with a live auctioneer) or a combination of both – where live bidders compete against online bidders, with the hope of driving prices higher.  That said, in most cases, ‘internet-only bidding’ is the answer for quickly and efficiently getting the right price for your assets. 

With the help of the internet we are able to offer an incredible reach – often selling to buyers: states-away, across the country and even abroad on the occasion. 

Our award winning auction event marketing and advertising department assists in locating multiple competing buyers for even the most specialized of assets, such as: Locomotives, Jet Fighters, Vehicles Used in TV & Film Production, Specialty Tool and Manufacturing Equipment and much more.

Some of our many advertising tools include:

  • Our Opt-In Email List of Buyers who regularly purchase at our Commercial / Industrial / Specialty Asset Auction Events.  Presently our lists include over 38,600+ buyers in the US; far more if you include Canada, Mexico and beyond.
  • Social Media Advertising (such as FaceBook) with Engagement Rates as high as 28% (considered to be the highest in the industry)
  • Custom Direct Mail and Email Campaigns to Targeted Buyers of Specialty Items (researched on a case-by-case basis by our In-House Marketing Team)

Understanding Our Fees

Our fee structure is simple.  We charge our sellers a percentage of the gross outcome of the auction sales.  No advertising fees, no management fees – just a straight percentage.  The more we make for our client, the more we make for our company.  We pay all auction expenses, labor, and advertising, and then collect our fee at the time of final accounting.  There are no out-of-pocket expenses for the seller at any point.

We Guarantee Our Auctions

If a buyer wins a bid and cannot or will not complete the purchase, we purchase the item at that bid price and remove it at our own expense. We are the only auction company in the United States that offers this service.

Please speak with an auction event manager to learn more about this unique benefit.

See the before and after by sliding the photos.

Warehouse Auction
Woodshop Auction
Mechanical Shop

Buying with Us

Anyone can buy at our auction events – live or online.  No special licenses are required, regardless of the type of sale, our events are open to the public.

Assets to be sold are always showcased in an informative catalog format with descriptions and clear photography that can be enlarged to see details.  Additionally, before the close of any bidding, there is always a Live Preview – Open House where we encourage bidders to come, touch and explore the items available. 

Things you should know:

  • When liquidating On-Site (at the Seller’s location) in most states we DO NOT have to charge sales tax because the event is considered a Final Liquidation.
  • For payment, we accept: All Major Credit Cards, however, we must charge 3% to cover the banking fees.  Additionally, we also accept: Cash, Certified Bank Checks and Wire transfers – none of which require extra fees.
  • Anytime you have questions about: Item Details, Timing of an Event Closing or Preview, Logistics of Removing an Item, whatever you want to know – please call us, we are here to help.  We will put you in touch with an Auction Manager who likely knows the specific information you are looking for.  Contact us by clicking on the link below or call:  888-255-3933

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