Offering Certified Appraisals of Commercial Vehicles and Equipment for the purpose of:

  • Auction or sale outcome expectations
  • General asset accounting when selling a business or splitting a partnership
  • Proper insuring of assets
  • Tax purposes

We provide actual real-world values for your commercial vehicles and equipment. These values are not calculated by a computer program or some smartphone application. They are determined by a team of wholesale equipment professionals and truck auctioneers utilizing the latest sale results, auction results and off-lease information from across the country. Yes, real answers from real people.

Often, businesses seek out appraisals because their trucks and equipment have been taken out-of-service and management is wondering what to do next. This is where we would like to get involved. The same team and same information used for the appraisal is utilized to formulate a customized asset disposal solution for your particular situation.

Learn the value of your assets and the most efficient option we recommend to recoup your valuable working capital. For example, requesting an Outright Purchase means money wired to your bank account – in some cases in as quickly as 72 hours during the business week.

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Commercial Truck BlueBook

Commercial Truck BlueBook is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Fleet Vehicle Disposal and Commercial Liquidations, LLC